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The Artwork of John Entrekin
On Line Art Classes

Join me, John Entrekin, for On Line art classes, taught through the Zoom meeting system. These will be interactive classes and we will share our work through the magic of technology. These classes may not be for a complete beginner. My students are at various skill levels but all have spent some time painting with my or on their own. That said, don't hesitate to take a look at a sample.

It is all simple and not only great demos, information, interaction with orther art students and critiques but also just great fun!

How the classes work.

When you sign up for a class you will receive an invitation to the class for that date and time along with a downloadable PDF file with all you need to prepare for a class.
Here is a sample of the PDF file you will receive for each class. [Click Here]

At the end of each class I will make time for everyone to show me any other work they have been doing and answer any questions about the work. I will also send each student a private link to the the recording of the entire class so you can go over at your leasure as many times as you wish.

Feel free to contact me about any of the above for more details. Plese use the [CONTACT] page.

If a new student interested in my classes please use the Contact Page and I will answer any questions concerning how my classes go and probably offer a FREE link to one of the older classes so you can see how they work. 

Below are the upcoming classes with, DATES, TIMES and PRICES. 

Click to view details of any class and use the contact system to ask me any questions. When you sign up for a class you will receive a PDF file with detailed instructions and photos in advance of the class to prepare. You will also receive, prior to your class a link to the Zoom meeting. After the class you will receive another link to the recording so you can review the class as many times as you wish as well as stop and start it so you can work on your own painting at any tme you wish. 

Keep an eye on this page as new classes will be added weekly.

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