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Monday, January 11 2010

Sketch of Couple Wrapped, by John EntrekinA sketch from yesterday. Sunday is a lazy day and a good one to spend with someone who makes you feel like drawing. This was not done from posing standing models but from memories & reflections later that day.

This is not exactly the original. It was done first with a very hard pencil and when the right lines were found I used a pen to draw the final shapes. Then the light pencil lines are eraced. I will often do this sort of process to give me a starting place for a larger painting.

In this case I'm thinking of doing it as two paintings. One more or less as it is here but another that is less erotic and more just affectionate. Doing this is not so much for different types of collectors as an interest in the different moods possibe and the different feelings both felt and expressed.

This is only about 10 inches high but I expect the final paintings would be more in the order of 48 inches high.

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Oh this is lovely,when I got alot older I use to draw loads of these (thinking new love thoughts)sort of drawings,Thankyou for the inspired moment and Rt.Lovely drawing.x
Posted by artstamers on 01/11/2010 - 11:58 AM

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