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Tuesday, January 19 2010

This is all from a sketch done some time ago. I recently cleaned up the lines if not the subject. Some may thinnk of this as too erotic or even pornographic but I like the feeling it projects as well as the memories it generates. The B & W is just the cleanned sketch but the other is after it was scanned and put on my computer to play with colors.

I guess I'm too old to learn the whole computer art thing but I do use it to do color changes quickly. I fiind it is very helpful to scan sketches, clean them up and then do various color renditions of them. In the past I would have to do many color sketches with either watercolors, pastels or oils to find where I wanted to go with the final work. I'm adding it here to show my process and perhaps let others see what they could do if they aren't already way ahead of me.

I know this will end up as a large final oil but not sure of the colors still.  What I have here is just a first idea.

Sketch of nude couple by John Entrekin   Color Sketch of Nude Couple by John Entrekin

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