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Friday, January 29 2010

The sketch below is one I did a while ago from thoughts of all the models with whom I have and do work. The models or the visions of feminine beauty have a deep affect on me and my work. I think this will someday soon become a large painting. Not to be too heavy or dramatic but there is a bit of symbolism here. The Greek column as a melting candle represents time with classical beauty, the stairs represent my sort of dream state heading to the clouds, the curtain behind me is the unknown or what my thoughts are beyond what I let known. My relaxed or almost exhausted pose represents how I feel at time when dealing with all my ambitions to express how I feel about each woman in my life. The brush is the connection between my thoughts and what goes on the canvas. The obvious are the models and how they look at me with varying expressions. I'm sure before it get to the painting it will have more.

Artist with Visions of Models by John Entrekin

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