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Tuesday, February 09 2010
The images below are the beginning of the painting, "Nude by Tree" (not sure what the title will end up being).
The first image on the left is a charcoal sketch from scuplpture I saw and started the idea and then from photos of model in studio. I posted a sketch of this a couple of weeks ago with the Twitter #draw365. Finally back to the canvas. The next is the blank canas, 30 x 14 inches which is toned with raw sienna after about 6 coats of acrylic gesso each sanded to remove most of the canvas tooth. The color here is not as warm is it really was. This was applied by being thinned with just turpentine.
Charcoal sketch by John Entrekin   Blank canvas for  
I made a tissue tracing of the charcoal sketch and transfered the drawing by taping the tracing to the canvas and putting scrap paper covered in charcoal under the tracing and going over the tracing with a soft pencil. I then went over the lines with a thin yellow ochre applied with a small round sable brush. The larger area where filled with the same color but a larger flat brush. I do this to establish the drawing so I can relax and go on without thinking about it until I need to make corrections or changes.

Drawings and easels for

This next image shows my studio where I have the canas on an one easel with the charcoal drawing and a pastel on drawing board beside it. The pastel was started soon after the sketch to work out color issues but as I worked I didn't like any of it and couldn't get into it so decided to stop and go straight to the canvas. Sometimes that is the best.

Below is the next stage and where it is now. The tree was a thin burnt sienna and the background is a thinned burnt sienna and untra marine blue. All done very light and thin since I don't know exactly where I'm going with the color. I also put in basic details of the face just to start to establish mood by expression and eye direction.

Stage 2 of

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I love this! And I do love the mood on her face. I can't wait to see how she emerges. It is really cool that you show the technique as you go along. I can learn from you. Thank you!
Posted by Catherine Vibert on 02/09/2010 - 06:36 PM
Her expression is beautiful. She seems to be both in the embrace of the tree and a part of the tree. Enjoyed your explanation of the process and look forward to seeing how this work develops.
Posted by Tanya Richards Daigle on 02/09/2010 - 08:55 PM

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